Green Star

Green Power Maximizes Nutritional Value of Your Juice According to the independent nutritional tests, the Green Power Juicer with its Exclusive Heavy Duty Twin Gear juicing system which incorporates magnetic and Far Infared technology, gives the maximum benefits and nutritional value to its users by producing juices with:      1. the lowest temperature.* 2. the slowest oxidation and fermentation process.* 3. the lowest DNA, enzymatic and mineral degeneration.* 4. the lowest bacteria proliferation.* 5. the most overall stability.* 6. the highest mineral content.** 7. the highest alkalinity.* 8. the most enhanced bioavailability.* 9. the…

Miss Norwalk, our own cold press juicer!

The Norwalk is the Ultimate juice extractor!  Juice is pressed using a 2 step extraction process 1) a vortex cutter (the triturator) is used to cut and grind the produce 2) the Hydraulic press is used for maximum extraction of  vitamins, nutrients and enzymes in the freshly grounded pulp