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What juice(s) should I be drinking?

We get asked this question daily especially from customers who are experiencing unpleasant symptoms related to allergies, stress, and/or illness.  The juice key link below will help guide you when making your decision or if you are looking for combinations to try at home.  We are in the process of putting together a more detailed list and reference guide to help you build your perfect juice so stay tuned! JustJuiceKey

Damaris is WXXI, discussing the science behind a juice cleanse.

We're post-holidays, and everyone is joining gyms... and some people are doing "juice cleansing." A discussion of what the science says about that, and we'll talk about how to build a permanent eating regimen that is more plant-based. Panel in studio: Dr. Vicky Hsiao, UR Medicine endocrinologist Rachel Reeves, UR Medicine dieticians Damaris Pinedo, owner of Just Juice 4 Life Dr. Ted Barnett, co-coordinator of the Rochester Area Vegan Society HEAR THE SOUNDBITE