By Morgan Potts

Everything in this world has its own unique vibration, depending on its content, quality and characteristics. This includes our bodies, and the food we eat. So today, let’s consider what we eat in terms of energy, not just nutrients.

Continuing on from my previous article Eating for a Higher Vibration: Foods to Expand your Consciousness, here are more high vibration, naturally nutrient-packed and delicious foods to enjoy for expanded awareness and a beautiful, functioning body.

1. Raw Local Honey

I absolutely LOVE raw honey and the energy it carries. Eating honey made from the flowers you are surrounded with each day can be super beneficial. Eating this local nectar is pushing you even further into nature, and the rhythm of life surrounding you.

Honey is mineral rich, full of B vitamins and is a sustainable source of sweetness. Even those with seasonal allergies can eventually cure their sensitivity by exposing themselves slowly to the honey made during the season they find troublesome.

I always feel a mild tingle on my tongue with the first taste of raw honey. It’s almost like I can feel it entering into my body to do its work, like the bees once did to create it. Honey is super healing and immune boosting, just make sure to buy raw, local and organic.

2. Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt

I absolutely LOVE salt and the minerals it has to nourish me with. It’s important, though, to buy the right kind. Real salt has color. The color varies based on the climate, environment and time it was collected. If your salt is white, it doesn’t truly contain the nourishing minerals we need to be healthy, even if it’s labeled as “sea salt.”

Pink Himalayan salt is my absolute favorite, not only because its beautiful, rosy crystals are so alluring, but also because of its amazingly high mineral content. Iodine is especially significant here, as it helps us to healthily detoxify and move unwanted toxins out of our bodies. No fortification here, only pure, untouched, crystal nutrition. The shape and the beauty of this salt demonstrate its high vibration, and the energy it emits.

3. Maca Powder

Maca is a root that grows high up in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Packed with B vitamins, it’s especially helpful in providing a nice boost, energetically, emotionally and mentally. For those who are trying to drink less coffee, trying maca is a must; it’s all energy, no crash.

Maca is an adaptogenic herb, which means that it works with you, your body, and what’s going on in your life, right now. Maca KNOWS what we need. If we are feeling tired, it will give us an energetic boost, and if we are feeling stressed, it helps to calm us down. We don’t even have to know what we want it for. Maca is smart enough to figure it out on its own!

It’s also super hormonally balancing and helps with adrenal function, and can benefit those with adrenal fatigue. You can buy Maca both roasted or raw, experiment to see which your body does best with, add it to smoothies or raw juice. Oh yeah, and it’s one of the TOP aphrodisiacs, and significantly nourishing to the sexual organs.

4. Sea Vegetables

Sea vegetables, also known as seaweed, provide benefits similar to that of the salt I mentioned above. It’s amazingly high iodine levels help to cleanse and detoxify our system, while also nourishing us with vitamin K and magnesium, which is good for our bones and teeth.

The more successful our bodies are at eliminating toxicity, the more room there is to thrive. You can soak some dried sea veggies to make a nice Asian style seaweed salad, or throw some dried dulse or kelp flakes into your soup, salad or dinner. My favorite is dulse; it’s bright purple, and tastes salty and mild. Experiment!

5. Spirulina

Spirulina is a type of blue green algae that is nutrient dense, dark green, and protein rich. This whole food powder is really quite amazing. Spirulina has MORE protein than red meat, is antioxidant rich, and provides us with enough fuel to get through any day. Like seaweed, spirulina is also super detoxifying, and great at cleansing the body of heavy metals and toxins.

I’m always sure to take a spirulina tablet, or throw some powder into a juice after a visit to the dentist or any other super-chemy place. Whenever I feel I’ve been exposed to something undesirable, spirulina is sure to follow! It’s also great for immune building, and preventing us from getting sick, as well as lowering blood pressure.

6. Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass, baby, is where it’s at! It’s understood that drinking just one ounce of pure wheatgrass is the equivalent of eating 2.5 POUNDS of green vegetables. That’s how nutrient dense this stuff is!

It’s nice to have wheatgrass first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. You can just FEEL the vibrations entering you. It’s almost as if you can feel the nutrients being sucked right into your cells. Wheatgrass makes you feel good, and it works wonders for the body. There are literally hundreds of health benefits wheat grass is responsible for, and it’s so easy to drink!

Despite its color and strong grassy scent, it’s smooth, creamy and sweet to the tongue, and does an amazing job settling the stomach. And don’t worry if you can’t eat wheat, the grass contains absolutely no gluten, and is completely safe for those who are sensitive.

7. Edible Flowers

Flowers, like roses, lavender, violets, red clover, black locust, dandelion (and so many more) are beautifully medicinal, and oh so vibrational. These gorgeous blossoms have been grown and nurtured by the sweet rays of our sun. Anything carrying the sun’s energy, just like freshly ripened fruit, has something truly magical about it.

Enjoy these tasty flowers as a sweet snack, throw them in salads, steep them in tea or blend them in smoothies. Always be absolutely sure you know what a plant is, and which (if any) parts are edible before you eat it!!

Here’s a delicious high vibe green smoothie recipe to try next time some of these babes are in season.

Morgan’s ‘Wild Flower’ Sunshine Blend:


– 1 apple

– 1/4 lemon – peeled

– 1 leaf of kale

– 1 scoop raw local honey

– handful of fresh violets, lavender, rose petals or any other sweet edible flowers (always be absolutely sure of what it is before you eat any wild plant!!!)

– ½ – 1 frozen banana

– a little water to blend

Directions: Throw in the blender and mix! It will turn out bright green and delicious.

Enjoy these beautiful gifts from mama earth. Enjoy merging with her nature, her vibrant energy, and dancing with the rhythm. See you next time!

High Vibes + Love,

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