Choose Your Cleanse 

Level 1 is our introductory level and is perfect for beginners or for those with a sweet tooth…they are trying to tame!

Level 2 includes juices that are more middle ground, not too sweet or too bitter.

Level 3 is for more experienced juicers who crave green bitters and all things alkaline:)

Please refer to our Master Juice Menu for greater detail on our juice offerings and juice level breakdowns.

Note:  Cleanses must be requested @ least 3 days in advance to ensure there is ample time to review your information and order the produce needed to prepare your cleanse. If you book your cleanse using one of the links below please keep in mind it will automatically set your start date 4 days out by default. You can request a different start date under the notes section and we will do our best to fill your request if possible.

Click link below to open our Juice Cleanse Reference guide which answers commonly asked questions.

Cleanse Reference Guide

Warning: Our juices are not pasteurized and therefore may contain bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, elderly and people with weakened immune system. Please also view our disclaimer.  

Juice Cleanse Prices

You will be officially confirmed once you have PAID IN FULL. You have the option to pay in person, pay online by clicking the appropriate link below, or via an emailed invoice if preferred.

3 Day Cleanse  (total 18 juices)

(6) 12 oz juices per day [$145] *Most Popular!!!

(6) 16 oz juices per day   [$198]

Click the link below to book your 3 day cleanse today!

5 Day Cleanse  (total 30 juices)

(6) 12 oz juices per day  [$230]

(6) 16 oz juices per day  [$322]

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7 Day Cleanse  (total 42 juices)

(6) 12 oz juices per day  [$322]

(6) 16 oz juices per day  [$444]

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Note: Juices are usually picked up DAILY either the evening before or each morning of. If you need to pick up more than 1 day of juice at a time please confirm in your request and include what days and times will work best with your schedule. In light of the current situation we try to limit pick-ups and double up on either the 1st or 2nd pick up. If you cannot pick up your juices for any reason please notify us ASAP. The juices are made fresh daily and are perishable so it is important to pick them up in a timely manner.

Current Pick up schedule: 

Evening before (Mon. – Sat.) between 4PM-5PM 

Each morning (Mon. – Sat.) after 9AM

NEED MORE INFO:  email us @ to inquire pricing for custom orders, sizes not listed, or for any other questions.

If this form does NOT send please email us @ with the information asked on this form and we will confirm your request. If you do not hear back within 24 hrs please email or call us @ (585) 434-2607 to follow up as there are sometimes glitches in the system.