Please inquire pricing for custom orders or sizes not listed on the price chart via justjuice4life@gmail.com.

Note: A $6 jar deposit is included in the prices listed for the 12 oz & 16 oz mason jars.

If you supply your own jars the $5 deposit is waived!

*Our 12 oz BPA free bottles are the most common size chosen for cleanses.

Taking a break from solid foods & fueling your body on only fresh raw, nutrient-rich juices is a great way to cleanse. During a juice fast the body gets a rest from digesting & can use that energy instead to clear out old accumulated waste & toxins. Juice fasting allows you to give your body a break from refined sugars, processed starches, animal products, cooked foods and/or stimulants you many normally ingest. This is what makes a huge difference for most people. You’ll lose weight, feel lighter & cleaner & best of all, can use this break as a jumpstart into a healthier lifestyle. A juice fast is an effective & highly beneficial way to cleanse, rehydrate, alkalize and rebuild your body.

Still interested in a Juice Cleanse? Follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Decide how many days you would like to cleanse.

We currently offer

  • 3 day cleanse for anyone who is interested in gaining the benefits of cleansing, but is intimidated by a longer more intense fast. This 3 day pick me up will leave you feeling completely nourished and refreshed!
  • 5 day cleanse that will begin the process of healing & breaking sugar addictions giving you a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle.
  • 7 day cleanse for those who are ready to take their health and energy to the next level! This cleanse will allow you to tap into deeper healing, strengthen your digestive system and help improve your health radically.

With notice there is always an option to extend a cleanse by a day or two or even 3!

STEP 2: Choose your juice size.

  • 12 oz (most popular)
  • 16 oz

STEP 3: Choose your cleanse.

The standard cleanses have been broken down into 3 levels. Please note there is always an option to choose a mixture of the levels and the juices serve as examples of what will be offered intensity wise at each level.  Certain juices are subject to produce availability but we will always try our best to meet your requests.

  • Refresh (Level 1) includes mild but nutritious combinations that anyone can enjoy and is a great place for beginners to start.
  • Renew (Level 2) is for those who have started to develop a palate for healthy juices and are ready to take it to another level.
  • Revive (Level 3) is a great cleanse for more experienced juicers. It includes heavier green based juices designed to promote deep healing and increase alkalinity. (To view this chart in greater detail refer to the pdf file)

Choose Your Cleanse 

The juices listed in each level may be chosen or offered in combination with other similar juices according to produce inventory.

Note: Level 1 is our introductory level that is perfect for beginners or for those with a real sweet tooth.  Level 3 is for more experienced juicers who crave bitters and all things alkaline 🙂

Custom cleanses are also available upon request.

Step 4: Review Juice Services pdf and request your cleanse!