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“Pure juicy love!”

-Morgan Potts

“Loved this place! The Kale Ale was great. Check it out. I’ll be going back. :-)”

-Amy Shanley

“My mother and I did a 3 day renew juice cleanse. We had done raw diets and 21 day cleanses prior. This was by far the easiest. Convenient in terms of just having to pick everything up with no other leg work. The juices were so delicious and filling that wanting to eat wasn’t an issue whatsoever. I lost 20 pounds alone from the cleanse and have lost another 20 since. It really helped kick start me to eating healthier and breaking sugar addictions. I highly recommend one of these cleanses and I’ve already planned my next. Thank you Damaris you are awesome!”

-Mike Riley

“Just wanted to thank you again for such a great juicing experience….you have had a great impact on my life!”

-Diane Genovese

“LOVE this juice…very tasty! Highly recommend trying! Thanks to my mom for my birthday gift certificate there!”

-Sunni Ingalls

“I just wanted to thank you again for the workshop last night! Your presentation and experience really helped expand some of my current knowledge, and your down to earth approach was really great.”

-Melissa DeGroot

“These ladies are doing it right! all of the juices are phenomenal. I love that they offer wheatgrass shots! Drink to your health, Cheers!”

-Joshua Campbell

“Great shop, met Damaris and she gave me some pointers on successful juicing at home.”

-Leslie Lopez-Brady

“Rochester needed this place. Everything on the menu is delicious. You can’t go wrong no matter what you order. The service is top notch and the space is just as inviting. I will be a life long supporter of this business.”

-Heidi Bear Brown

“Fresh delicious juices and really warm, friendly and super knowledgeable people :)”

-Anu Chathampally

“Thank you for the great work you do keeping our community healthy!”

-Amy Riposo

“Today I finally used the gift certificate my daughter gave me a few months ago..don’t know why I waited so long. Had a delicious Ginger Zinger! I will be back again…a lot! Here is to a healthy 2014!”

-Chris Lambert

“When we haven’t the time, energy or ingredients to make our own smoothies we head over to Just Juice! I love the menu and I couldn’t even just choose one item as a favorite. Service, staff and owner are awesome!”

-Tree Marino